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Forever Family.

Forever Family.


When you are considering an adoption, attention to detail is critical. It is important to work with an attorney who closely examines all the facts, laws and procedures that may apply. This is the approach I take at my law practice. I focus on the details so nothing is overlooked and the process goes smoothly.

As an experienced adoption attorney, I know each family is different, and so is each adoption. I represent people in many different situations within Illinois, throughout the United States including:

  • Contested & uncontested adoptions

  • Infants & newborns

  • Grandparent adoptions

  • International re-adoption

  • Adult adoptions

  • Agency [Private] adoptions

  • DCFS foster children adoptions

  • Surrogacy contracts

Step Parent Adoptions

One of the most common types of adoption is stepparent adoption. Stepparent adoptions occur when a child’s biological parent remarries and that individual wishes to formally adopt the spouse’s child as his or her own. To finalize the adoption, the child’s other biological parent must consent. If that biological parent refuses, the court will not grant the adoption unless that parent is declared unfit because he or she deserted or abused the child or failed to register his paternity. However, if the biological parent agrees to relinquish his or her parental rights and consents to the adoption, the adoption can proceed.


If you are considering adoption, you probably have many questions:  How long will it take? What will the process be like? How much will it cost? I am honest and straightforward in the answers I provide. I tell you what your options may be and how the best possible results can be achieved.

Because each situation is different, the best way to get answers to your questions is to talk to me directly. I offer free and confidential consultations.

To schedule a consultation regarding an adoption matter, call me at 217-525-7003 or contact me online.